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Lamatec Technologies Corp., (LTC) a technologies company dedicated to the development of Quality, High-Performance American Made products that Create Innovative Solutions.

Incorporated in the state of New York, LTC was specially developed for the manufacturing and distribution of advanced tools and new product technology. CEO & Founder, Joe Tutewohl, creator of the Lamatec High-Performance Laminate Pressure Tools, is a professional craftsman with over 30 years of experience in the cabinet manufacturing & general contracting business, and over 10 years experience in new product development, manufacturing & distribution.

Since the development of laminate materials (1912), the industries have been subjected to using different single function pressure tools for different applications. Unfortunately, these tools do not apply pressure to all the surface areas associated with todays types of laminate applications & installations. As a result, a craftsman must improvise with unsuitable objects such as a block of wood or spackle knife to get into tight, inaccessible areas. When using such objects they scratch and cut into the delicate finish surface of the laminate material, thereby creating damage and costing you more in time, labor and materials.

Lamatec Technologies’ key strengths have been through its cutting-edge technology that has modified the current design of a single feature tool, aimed at a single industry and converting it into a tool that is multi-functional and crosses over many industries. Because of this advancement in tool technology, a craftsman will now have the unique ability to Smooth Out, Pressurize and Ensure Proper Bonding to All Surface Areas (i.e. open areas, tight inaccessible areas, edges, seams, corners, inlays, etc.) associated with the application installation process of mica, wood veneer, vinyl flooring, vinyl base molding, wallpaper, contact paper and any other material that requires pressure during the application process. With the development of the Lamatec® High-Performance Laminate Pressure Tools, LTC has enable a craftsman to produce a laminate application Faster, Easier and More Efficiently, thus eliminating the problems associated with the design & use of single feature surface rollers, thin flat plastic or metal paper smoothers and brushes.

Lamatec Technologies’ mission is to greatly enhance the Productivity, Quality of Workmanship and Profits for every craftsman across the country and abroad. Lamatec’s innovation enables both the Professional Craftsman and the Consumer Do-It-Yourselfer the unique ability to quickly and easily smooth out, pressurize & ensure proper bonding to all surface areas in any application with total control, precise balancing and pinpoint precision.

Works with hang-on tank filters (LF) & canister filters (RT)


Lamatec Technologies' Launches the AFB Company

In September 2013, Lamatec Technologies’ CEO & Founder, Joe Tutewohl, an aquarium owner for over three decades launched its sister company, the Aquarium Filter Barrier Company, (AFB) with the development of the New patent pending Save The Fish, Power Filter Suction Barrier. A innovative inexpensive device that stops small to medium size aquarium fish from getting stuck to the filter intake suction tube. For more info on how to stop aquarium fish from becoming a victim of filter suction, visit Aquarium Filter Barrier Company at

On June 7 2016, The US Patent & Trademark issued Patent No: 9,357,753 B1.

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